“5 thing make you beautiful and good shape”

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Today the author will combine the most strange reasons. People use to explain why a pretty good shape to be in a pile and then wanes cry Huh! Can you like this too? Let’s leave it. Each reason is cool. Let’s see.

1. Ang with rice pot Help your face slim

Seeing this method, then take a long sigh , I can’t help but think of the MC Twins The dragon fruit who had to stretch around the pot of rice to make Ngu Lai attracted the man’s heart. Hmmm . In fact, how to ask for bye because of the heat. It can only help your facial muscles. From the contraction of the face Only look on the smiley face.

2. Inflamed lymph node and V-shave chin like Cleopatra

Come back Don’t think that much Swelling of the lymph nodes is Signs that you are not just resting with a low immune system. Therefore should see a doctor Then hurry and go to bed Then dreamed of King Pharoah instead

3. Banadiet helps slim figure

This one is a popular trend from Japan .. Like Japanese people eat until the banana is in short supply. Banana rack is clean in the blink of an eye. Plus a lot of books came out Dr. Hanson. Easy to eat. For breakfast, eat 1 banana, 1 banana, if at home, we have to introduce the water with water, a few children (little children). Reduce it, let it know each other !!โปรโมชั่น ufabet

4. Eat clean or fight Hollywood like clean.

Clean food, escape Meet the new trend, sleep-clean of Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow. That is hot in trend The health of the year 2017 has been completed. The iron rule is sleep only 7-8 hours (9 hours if possible) because in fact sleep helps Immune system boots Reduce appetite and accelerate metabolism. Eh, like this, it has the right to be slim and slim, hehe.

5. Yoga, beer, belly, missing or staying

Drinking beer will definitely make your belly go down, confirm, but do yoga and drink beer, does this cause your belly to disappear? I’m not sure. I personally think it is against the principles of yoga. That values ​​consciousness But sipping this beer will definitely make your mind lose focus. Although it claims to be a practice of mindfulness and concentration But it looks so controversial good shape.